Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gone To The Dogs!

Today I thought I would write a little about corruption at the Dog Track. I spent 13 years in the Dog Business so I know a little about it. When I started I was going to do the big expose' and close down the track. I found out that most of the dogs are treated like kings. Some of them only get adequate care(a small percentage) and about 2 percent are abused and that ocassionally make the news. I was good training dogs. (Animals love me) I decided that I could do more good by sticking with it and changing things that I didn't like from the inside.

After I had been working about 2 years the track decided to change the surface of the track overnight. The consequence of this was that the dogs were running much faster times. Almost every race set a new track record. The problem with this was that when you change the surface of the track that drastically then it cause injuries to the dogs.

In a 3 week period over 300 dogs had to be put down due to severe injuries. Over 500 had to be rehabilitated after other injuries of varying extent. The figure of 300 put down does not include dogs that we tried to bring back after their injuries but could not because they were too severe. This means that most of those were killed also.

The sad part is that the track officials refused to listen to the dog people and used the fast track as an advertizing gimmick to attract gamblers. The track was changed back only after the dog people went to the ASPCA and the local dog pound to get help. Track officials did not want the bad publicity so they fixed the track.

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