Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just Give Me a Chance

Why can't I do this?"
"Sugar, you'll just get all dirty"

"What's wrong with that?"

"Honey, I can tell by lookin at yuh that yuh just can't take what we're dishin out round here."

"Look, just give me one chance. Give me three days, if I can't cut it in three days I'll leave without a fight, OK."

"Well I have to give yuh a chance. The boss done told me ta hire yuh. I'm just lettin yuh know that you won't make it."

"That's all I want, a chance. What time do you want me to start?"

"Be here tommorrow, 7 o'clock sharp. If yer one minute late don't bother showin up."

"Yes, sir!"(with a big grin on my face)

"And don't call me sir, My dad was Mr. Randolph. I'm Ray. Just Ray"

"Yes, sir... I mean Ray"

"Gawd I need a drink!"

"Hey Ray."


"Thanks for the chance."

"Don't thank me, Thank the mini mafia man. He's the one makin me hire yuh. Now get outta here."

I danced away thinking, "this is the greatest day of my life," and it was!

My dad was a gambler that knew a gambler named Duckwald that knew a gambler named Al who owned a kennel. That is how I got my first shot at the dog business. Ray was the trainer of the kennel who thought that I was a little rich girl that couldn't cut it and didn't want to fool with me but Al told him that he had to give me the job.

It didn't help that I was an office manager who showed up to talk to him about the job in my office manager clothes. I had to prove him wrong...and I did!

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