Saturday, March 14, 2009


When I first moved onto my 100 acres the house was abandoned. The grounds around it were overgrown and the house was full of furnishings. I had to throw everything out of the house so I started to make a huge pile of furniture and whatever off to the side of the house.

My first night to stay in the house I pulled up and I got out of my car. I was right next to the giant pile of stuff which was directly under the only dusk to dawn light on the property. I immediately noticed that the pile was moving.

I thought to myself, "that has to be the biggest rat that I will ever see under there." So I walked over and I started to kick at the pile. "The rat" (which I still couldn't see at this point) started to move toward me! I thought this was unusual but in my mind I wasn't going to let it win - I wanted it to know that "I" lived there now! So I kept prodding at the pile with my foot.

Then it came out from underneath the trash. Backing straight toward me with it's tail raised at a full salute was a full grown skunk! My stomach dropped to my knees. I froze in place. My desire to be queen of my 100 acres disappeared! To make matters worse I was still standing in front of my open car door. When I got sprayed it was going to spray the whole interior of my car! I was quivering with fear, praying that nothing would happen.

Thankfully it didn't. The skunk decided to walk away without assaulting me. I was so grateful that I resolved to NEVER kick at a moving trash pile again.

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