Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nasty Clouds

When we were kids and the family would be out driving at night for some reason, whenever we would go over the mountain and there would be wisps of fog on the road, my dad would run over them and yell "NASTY CLOUDS!" We would love it when he murdered the nasty things. He said they were really ghosts.

He was also a world champion coaster. You know turn off the engine and let the vehicles inertia propel us forward as far as we could go. One time we were on our way to the carlot and we ran out of gas with about 7 miles to go. Fortunately we were going downhill at the time. My dad managed to coast within about 100 yards of the carlot. Everytime we would think the car was going to stop it would pick up speed again and go a little farther. He said it was because "I refuse to walk one step!"

Last year I tried to duplicate this feat. I did not make it even halfway.

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