Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little Blondie

We once had a lot boy working for us that we called "little blondie". He was around 18 years old. Here are the kinds of things he did to earn the nickname.

There was a hotdog shop across the street from the carlot. They only sold footlong hotdogs. He came into my office one day and sat down to eat his lunch. He had 2 footlong hotdogs. He openned up the first one and said in complete amazement "My god, I didn't know footlong hotdogs were this long!" Completely amused I asked him "How long did you think a FOOTLONG hotdog was?" He answered, "I don't know, but I didn't think it was this long!"

I was taking little blondie home one day. I did not know where he lived. As we topped a hill he told me "You don't have to stop, I can get out right down here." Laughing I asked him "Do you want me to slow down to about 20 or just what?" He got that one though. He sheepishly told me that he guessed it would be alright if I stopped to let him out.

I did stop by the way.

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