Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I wish I still didn't understand - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

I wish I still didn't understand - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

I used to make a joke when I was younger.

"Where was I when Kennedy was killed?"

my crib,"  I would answer and I would laugh, partly because I was too
young to remember Kennedy but mostly because I couldn't understand how
so many people could be so upset by the death of one human being.

I got older I started to understand but not truely completely.  I was
kind of embarrassed by the fact that I could remember where I was when
certain people died.

1.  Elvis - I was watching my soap when a
special news bulletin came on and announced that Elvis was dead.  His
death didn't really affect me but I had never seen a special news report
announcing such a thing.  (this was back in the days when they actually
had to have news to use a breaking news report for those of you too
young to remember those days)  The only breaking news report I ever saw
was when there was a chemical leak in Charleston WV.  They activated the
emergency broadcast system for that one. (we lived about 60 miles away)

 Elvis death affected me because I knew my parents would be devastated - especially my mom.  She adored him.{#broken_heart.gif}

Princess Diana - I had just come home from work. I was walking from the
living room to the bedroom when they came on the tv and said he had
been killed.  I kind of hoped it wasn't true when they said it but I
knew it was when they said that Prince Charles was flying to Paris to
bring her body home.

I hoped it wasn't true because I, like so
many others, recognized the good she was trying to do in the world. 
Still I was kind of embarrassed that "I know where I was when..."

Then 911 happened.  I like all Americans spent the day weeping and in
disbelief that such an attack could happen in our country.  Although I
had always wondered why they didn't.

But now my innocence was
lost.  I felt the pain like everyone else did and I finally understood
what it was like for people who could remember when Kennedy died.

Michael Jackson - I was at work and Makayla was runnning around telling
everyone he was dead.  I thought it was another hoax. (I have heard he
was dead several times in my life)  But within the hour I knew it was
true and I was sad.  I grew up with Michael Jackson.  We were the same

Also, I thought it was hilarious in his "Thriller" days
becaue one of my stepdaughters was so in love with him that she was sure
she was going to marry him. {#guitarplay3.gif}

now I understand what all the hoopla is about when people talk about
the day Kennedy died.  But I wish in a way, I still didn't.

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