Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Political Views - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

My Political Views - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

I wrote this about 3 years ago...It still stands

Nobody should pay 30% of their income...I don't care how much they
make.  But everyone should pay the same amount.  No deductions.  No
shelters.  My dad told me once that the man who makes $100,000 can pay
$10,000 easier than the man who makes $10,000 can pay $1000.

2.  I
am pro abortion.  I hate it but that's the way it is.  Most women would
never get an abortion if the men in their lives would support them.  We
need to change the way we raise our boys when it comes to birth control
and family.

3.  I believe there is a happy medium to drilling for
oil and mining coal.  It can be done so that it is environmentally
responsible - not just the cheapest way to maximize profits.

4.  I believe that if we don't have good roads and bridges then we should quit building sidewalks and parks until we get them.

Go back to low interest student loans.  I got my loans for 3%.  Now
they pay 18%.  Who thought that brilliant plan up anyway?

6.  When
someone's insurance drops them because they reached their lifetime
limit, do you think they just stop being sick?  NO!  Then the government
steps in and pays for their medical care which means taxpayers are
paying for it.

7.  When companies drop retiree  benefits because
they are too expensive (even though the employees paid into their
company retirement), who do you think picks up the slack?  The United
State Government does - which means you.  Then the CEO gets a big bonus
for saving the company money

8.  When coal companies and chemical
companies shut down and file bankruptcy, they don't clean up the mess
they leave behind.  The government steps in and pays millions of dollars
to do it.

9.  There has been tremendous progress on the
environmental front in the past 30 years.  That is why you see white
smoke coming out of smokestacks instead of black smoke.

10.  America is the greatest country ever!

yeah, I'm glad we are out of Iraq.  Bin Laden is dead so it's time to
leave Afghanistan.  Fuck Pakistan.  They are stabbing us the back while
they are taking billions of dollars.  If they try to nuke sombody we can
nuke them first and decrease our stockpile.  It will kill 2 bird with
one stone.

if they want peace...so much the better.  so do I.  then nobody gets hurt.

should not do business with China or any country that uses slave
labor.  We won the cold war because we DIDN'T do business with the
Soviet Union  for decades.  NOT because Reagan said,"tear down this

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