Tuesday, April 8, 2014

If the Cure Don't Kill Ya - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

If the Cure Don't Kill Ya - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Yesterday I had to go and have breathing
tests to see why I'm having so much problems breathing.  The tests are
torturous but I passed them with flying colors a year and a half ago. 
Yesterday I could not complete them.  I did my best and  the technician
was very friendly and helpful and gave me more tries to do them than I
even wanted.

They put you in a phone booth looking thing (It's
been so long since I saw a phone booth I was thinking it looked like an
eco-friendly car -my how times have changed.)  Then you have to do
different exercises involving blowing all the air out of your body
and/or holding it in and/or sucking more in so they can measure your
lung function.  I only almost passed out once.  That's pretty good for
me.  Of course I wasn't doing the tests to measurable standards so that
wasn't good.  But I'll find out from the doctor what it all means in 2

Then they made me do a 6 minute walking test.  I already
knew I couldn't walk for 6 minutes.  They put a monitor on you and
measure your pulse and oxygen levels.  At one point the oxygen dropped
to 69 which is not good. (any thing below 90 means brain cells are
dying)  My pulse was up in the 130's too.  He made me stop and rest at
one point.  I will say I guess I'm going to have to use my inhaler more
because the only reason I was able to walk that far was I had puffed the
inhaler for the phone booth test.

Then when we got back to the
lab he put oxygen on me.  I was just starting to recover when he told me
that I had to walk another 6 minutes with the oxygen on so they could
see if there was an improvement.  There was.  Eddie laughed when I told
him how far I walked for my 6 minute walk.  Both times I traversed from
one end of the hallway to the other (in my defense it is a very long
hallway) but it only takes a normal person about 30 seconds to a minute
to walk it.

I was so worn out by the time I got back home that I
took a nap and rested the rest of the day.  At about 10 last night I was
having chest pain and I felt so bad that I was ready to call an
ambulance.  Then I remembered it was time for my meds anyway so I took
my nightly handful of pills (12) and kicked back on my Bi-pap machine
and fell asleep.  I woke up in the middle of the night feeling better.

am tired today but not exhausted.  I'm going to take it easy though. 
The only thing I really have to do is go back to the drug store because
THEY SCREWED UP MY MEDICINE ONCE AGAIN.  I am getting really tired of
going to the pharmacy 2 and 3 trips for every prescription and I am
ready to change pharmacies.  I don't know what is wrong but things have
been really bad there for about 6 months.  This time I called the
prescription in on Friday.  I have to give them a day to order it
because the brand they normally use causes me to cramp.  They don't get
shipments on the weekend so I knew they wouldn't have the medicine until
Monday. I stopped on my way home from the hospital and I was too tired
to check it and I didn't think it was necessary since they special
ordered it.

WHAT DO YOU KNOW? I opened the pills this morning and
they were the wrong pills.  I just called and they said they didn't
know why the wrong pills were in the bottle because my pills were on the
shelf.  So I have to waste more gas that I don't have to go get the
pills changed out.  There is a pharmacy across the street.  I hate to
change but I think it is time.

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