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Why I Adore Christmas NOW 2013 - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Why I Adore Christmas NOW 2013 - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

means different things when we are at different stages in life.  When
we were children it was all about the booty - as it should be.  It is
also about the learning the joys of giving with sometimes hilarious
results.  One year my brother bought my granny tic tacs for Christmas -
that was the year that I bought my christian granny a very pretty set of
wine glasses as well.  Of course she thanked us but I couldn't for the
life of me figure out why everyone was laughing at our presents that

we leave home and it becomes about "finding our own Christmas".  When
you are first on your own you visit a lot of friends and relatives homes
and have Christmas with them.  That gets old after a few years and you
start to plan your own holidays in your own ways and build your own
traditions with/without old/new family. {#artist.gif}

you get a little older it becomes a time of giving to others iin your
life....the kids, the family and friends and those that seem to be a
little needy in some way.  We take care of the others in life and if we
get something in return then so much the better.{#drinking15.gif}

we reach the "Pammy Stage".  I call it the Pammy Stage because
Pamela'sThoughts was on here the other day laughing about how great it
was to receive gifts again.  And I agree with her.  You spend your life
giving to others and it's time to sit back now that everyone around you
is situated and let them take care of you for a change.  You accept and
give gifts with the same grace and love.  It may just be the most
comfortable stage because while you appreciate all your gifts, you are
also aware that your don't require them to have a great holiday. {#angelgirl.gif}

happen to be in a position in life now that I never thought I would be
in.  I don't have my health and while people go out of their way to help
me these days they do it a little more at Christmas.  But the gift I
get at Christmas is better than receiving any present.  This is the only
time of year that I can comfortably give someone else a gift without
them protesting.  I get to give presents to those that show me kindness
and the gift I get in return is the gift of "self sufficiency".  I get
back just a little of my self respect because I am able to show kindness
to those that show me kindness without anyone feeling uncomfortable
about the position that I have put myself in to do it.{#hat.gif}

...and that is why I adore Christmas 2013. {#floating.gif}

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