Monday, May 30, 2011


Dapple was my mom's all time favorite dog. She was a Dalmatian. I named her, the name means "spots". Mommy loved Dapple and Dapple loved her. The whole time my mom would be babytalking her, Dapple would be grunting and moaning and talking back.

One day my mom way laying out in the sun (One of her favorite pasttimes) when she felt something warm and wet plop down on her belly. She looked down to see a dead bird lying there and Dapple right beside it smiling at her. Dapple was giving her a gift! To say that my mom didn't appreciate the gift was an understatement! She squealed, flung the bird off and jumped up expressing her full and unbounded rage at Dapple. Dapple had the good sense to slink away.

After that my mom never sunbathed on the patio again - she always laid out on the balcony after that.

note: this blog made my mom mad. I wrote it to be funny but she didn't see the humor in it. It still seems harmless enough to me....?

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