Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I Did Today

Today I sat in the land of serial killers and nature lovers. No sane person should deliberately go where every scary movie they've ever seen tells them not to. But I can relax in the forest like no where else. The beauty of the springtime foliage is unbelievable. I have paid good money to vacation in places that aren't nearly as beautiful.

I can camp there for $25 a night. Just me and the red ranger and my oxygen machine. what else does a girl need? I used to make fun of people who had electricity when camping - kind of defeats the purpose. Now I can just hook up my machine and sleep in the great outdoors again.

Even with my broken (possibly ) toe, I have done more today than I've done in a long while. Stopping the 2 heart meds is working. I can feel a strength and restlessness that hasn't been there in years. Please let me keep getting stronger.

I had to drive through 3 streams that were in a hollow I've been wanting to check out for awhile. I had to wait until we had a dry spell so I could be sure my truck wouldn't get stuck in the creek bed. That would be a real kick in the head.

I waded in a creek today. I saw a couple of crawdads and some minnows. I dangled my feet in the water that was cold enough to qualify for the icepack that is SUPPOSED to be on my foot. I couldn't resist the urge to dunk myself in the creek. It only took 2 steps to remind me about my broken toe. I contented myself with dowsing my shirt in the cold water. It was refreshing.

Beside me was a bridge, I kid you not, where I watched 2 birds swoop and hover over the bridge before flying underneath. It looked like a scene from a Disney movie complete with birds chirping in the background. I knew there would be a nest so I peeked under the bridge and, sure enough, there was a nest! I didn't disturb anything so the mother could return to her eggs.

When we were kids that poor nest wouldn't have stood a chance. We would have carried it home with some big story about how it was abandoned. We had every intention of helping the little eggs hatch but invariably we would accidentally bust them before the day was over.

I've heard this hollow is haunted. I read it on the internet. They described the overwhelming sense of foreboding hanging over the area. The only thing I saw were vines and leaves hanging overhead. It's positively tranquil.

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