Monday, May 30, 2011

Mom, You Gotta Love Her

she changed several thousand diapers for you

she cooked several thousand meals for you

she held your hair back while you were puking in her floor and put cold wash cloths on your neck for you - all the while telling you that it was OK - and then she cleaned it up to boot!

she took you to school, doctor, ball games, piano lessons, bowling leagues, shopping...

she made your favorite dinner for your birthday or sometimes just because

she built your character - thank her for that one no matter how hard it is!

she did all that stuff that makes a house run - you know the stuff that you thought a magic genie did

she bailed you out of trouble (even when you were in the wrong) and let you know HOW distasteful the situation was to her

she showed up at my door one day out of the blue and told me, "I'm here to buy a month of your life." Then she wrote a check for 1 month's bills because she knew you were too sick to go to work.

Sometimes she seems to be trying to make amends for the hard way she did things. It would be stupid of me to drop my guard though. Experience is a great teacher.

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