Tuesday, May 31, 2011

recurring childhood nightmare

I had this nightmare over and over when I was a kid. It was how I learned to lucid dream. (I didn't know there was a word for it then) It always started out in my Pepaw Brennan's house.

In the dream my whole family would be leaving from visiting my grandparents house. We were in a car backing down the mountain when we reached a fork in the road. My dad would decide to turn around by backing into a garage in the fork of the road. Once he backed in a concrete door would slam down and trap us in the garage. It was pitch black.

We would trapped there until my whole family starved to death. Usually around this point I would wake up. If I stayed asleep I would find a door in the back corner of the garage but I couldn't get it to open. This was another point that would wake me up.

If I did manage to open the door, I would start to go down some creepy, concrete, cobwebby stairs that were barely lit. The stairs were steep and there would be another door at the bottom. I would wake up at that door too.

Finally I got the nerve to open that door and there was a room full of vampires and witches and mummys and werewolves and all the other scary creatures of my childhood. I woke up at this point for years.

When I gathered the courage to race through that throng of screaming, grabbing monsters I finally made it to the front door and ran out of our green house. There, sitting by the road was a police car with it's lights flashing. I was safe. I never had the dream again.

My parents spent many sleepless nights because I would sleepwalk. One night my dad caught me when I raced out of the house right before I ran into the road! I have often wondered if that is the dream that I was having when that happened. I don't remember because I was sleepwalking, they have told me about it many times though.

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