Monday, May 30, 2011

Diamonds are my mom's best friend

My mom adores diamonds. I can safely say that there is nothing that she covets more on earth than those clear, sparkly stones. She has more than she can ever wear including one that is 3 1/2 carats and another that is 3 3/4 carats. She used to wear diamonds on every finger (including those "two" rocks) as well as whatever bracelets or necklaces or earrings that she chose to wear as well. Now she had arthritis and doesn't wear too much jewelry anymore.

One time she was getting ready for work and she looked down to find that one of the "rocks" had fallen from it's setting. In a panic she searched the house and was considering calling the plumber when she sat down on the bed to cry. SOMETHING POKED HER IN THE BUTT! She stood up and looked at the bed and nothing was there and she searched all around and under the bed thinking that maybe the stone had fallen off when she stood up.

Finally she sat down again and something poked her in her tail again. (those are her words, my mom would NEVER say "butt") She thought a minute and she reached down inside her pantyhose and THERE WAS HER BELOVED DIAMOND! Apparently when she was getting dressed the diamond had come out inside her pantyhose when she was putting them on!

When my mom got her first diamond I was at piano practice. She was in shock over her ring and forgot to come pick me up. She told me that it was natural for a woman to forget what she was supposed to be doing in that kind of situation.

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