Saturday, June 4, 2011

As Usual, Nobody will help

It's a hard situation. There is a deer, here, in downtown Charleston, WV. It is in the vacant lot across the street that the drunks frequent on a perpetual basis on their many walks to Rite Aid to buy beer.

She will panic - she already has once when a trash truck came by. She will end up being hit by a car.

I've tried to call DNR (hopefully for a tranquilizer), then animal control, then the police, then 2 news stations. It's Saturday. No one cares. Can't have something to handle on a weekend afterall.

No one is interested in helping her. That is until she panics and gets hit by a car and causes a couple thousand in vehicle damage - never mind the damage to her.

If I had the capacity to help her I would. I don't. Time to wash my hands of it but I worry.

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