Sunday, March 15, 2009

Arnie the Tomcat

We had a tomcat named Arnie when we were growing up. He was named after my dad. When he was just a kitten we started putting him in a baby carriage on his back (just like a baby) and covering him up to his chin and putting a pacifier in his mouth. He would lay there for hours sucking on the pacifier.

As he got older he would still lay there and suck the pacifier but he didn't want us to touch his baby carriage anymore. He used to love to tease him by touching his bed and he would slash us with his claws whenever we did this. We would try to get out of his way but he was too fast for us. Consequently all 3 of us had scratches on our hands and forearms from Arnie.

We had put the baby carriage up at some point and one day I found it in the garage. I set it up and found Arnie and you should have seen his eyes when he saw his baby carriage again. INSTANT RECOGNITION! He crawled in and I covered him up and put the pacifier in his mouth. He laid there all day long. He was happy.

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