Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Won! I Won!

I won! I won! I won 15 gallons of gas for 4 weeks in the month of January!

Yesterday I was watching the early morning news and they announced that a gas station in my home town was having a drawing for free gas (I thought for a year!) at 5:45 that evening. I immediately just knew that if I could get to Logan (I live in Charleston) that I would win! So I called a friend of mine who had been wanting to see Logan and invited her to come along with me. This time of year is especially beautiful down there because people go all out with their Christmas lights and Christmas in the Park is one of the best displays in the state. So we load up about 2 o'clock and take off to Logan yakking the whole way. We got to Chapmanville in plenty of time to register and they said we didn't have to be present to win.

So we took off on our grand tour of Logan including Mecca Drive - which is one of those restaurants that you pull up to and they come out to take your order and serve you. You know a throw back from the 50's that you don't see anymore. (There are even some cobwebs there from the 50's probably). We ordered some good ole Logan County hotdogs which were 6 for $4.49 with chili, slaw and the works! Kathy agreed she had never had a hotdog so good.

After that it was just getting dark and we started toward the park tuning in the radio along the way. The announcer came on and said "Now it's time to announce the winner of the free gas giveaway from Town & Country Market. The winner is Pam Jeffrey from Logan, W.V. " We both screamed at the same time and started laughing like crazy! Kathy said, " I can't believe it, I put my name in right next to yours! You lucky dog, you always win!" (This makes the 4th. radio contest that I have won in my life). I immediately whipped the car around and drove to my mom's house, because I had put my name and used her address and phone number since I actually live in Charleston and I don't have a phone.

I get to my mom's and knock on the door and go in chattering excitedly, telling her that I had won and I needed to call Town and Country to claim my prize. While I was looking for the number in the phone book, they called me and informed me that I had won 15 gallons of gas a week for 4 weeks in January and of course "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!"

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