Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Last Time I Saw My Dad

My dad died 11/3/04. A few days after he died I was sleeping and I heard him call my name. I took off running to his bedroom just as I had a 100 times when I was taking care of him. Of course he wasn't there. I had heard him in my sleep many times and sometimes he was really calling me and sometimes I was just dreaming and he would be asleep or watching tv and he would just tell me to go back to bed. Still this particular time I felt that I had missed a chance to see him.

About a month after he died I was having one of those days when the tears would just not stop coming and I called in sick to work because I was grieving so bad. Once again I was sleeping. This time I heard my dad say, "If you want to see me one last time, turn and look now." I turned and there he was smiling at me. Then he turned away (in his wheelchair) and rolled away. I just stood there watching him as long as I could, until he faded away. I woke up. I have been fine ever since.

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