Sunday, March 15, 2009

IN Honor Of Ellie

We had a 6 month old St. Bernard once for 3 days. At the same time we had a dalmation that had a litter of puppies and another dalmation that we rescued that had a litter of puppies. In all we had 13 dalmations. They looked pretty special running around.

Anyway the St. Bernards name was Ellie.(short for elliephant!). My dad gave her away because everybody in the neighborhood was scared of her. Poor Wimpy pulled a knife on her. (he was really old!) I took her for a walk and she got away from me and ran through the store next door knocking stuff off the shelves all over the place. The last straw was when she decided to lay down in the middle of the road stopping traffic in both directions. This cause someone to hit one of our puppies with a car and since my dad was the 3rd. car in line he loaded her up (in spite of our tears) and gave her away to a man that owed a gasstation (he said)

It was 3 days of fun for us kids that none of us ever forgot

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