Sunday, March 15, 2009

In the Hospital Again (sigh)

I just finished another 5 day stay in the hospital again. I went in with severe chest pain. The worst I have ever experienced. It was not fun.

The interesting thing is that they determined within hours that it was not heart related but they still kept me for 5 days. That is the difference that insurance makes. I went in under the same circumstances last July and they released me hours later but I had no insurance. I wanted to go home this time to but they kept me. I think they were just milking the insurance.

When I went to see my regular Dr. after getting out he wanted to know why in the world they kept me for 5 days. They didn't even run any tests for the first 3 days. Anyway all that was wrong this time was an ulcer in my esophagus. When I ingested the nasal spray it ran down and when the chemical hit the ulcer that is what triggered my chest pain. Tra la la

I needed the rest. It got me out of work for a few days and now I am working a lighter schedule which will be better for my health. Yah!

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