Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Call him Little Foot

I was driving over Blair Mountain early one morning. I had just topped the mountain and was going around the first curve. It could be that I fell asleep, but I really don't think so. On the other side of the guardrail, stepping down the mountain(much too steep for any human to walk down!) was what I can only call a "foxman" or a "little bigfoot".

It was the size of an average man but he was covered with reddish hair and his ears stuck up like a fox. I only saw him from the back as he took two steps down the mountain and then he was gone. He was gone partly because he dropped out of sight and partly because my headlights passed on by him. It scared me so bad that I have never crossed over Blair Mountain at night to this day.

I used to go to this website called "Shadowlands". They have a section of hauntings state by state. In the West Virginia section in a town called "Iaeger" there is an entry about a "dog-like" creature that walks on its back legs. Iaeger is about 30 miles from Blair Mountain as the crow flies and it is connected by trails as well as roads. I have never heard of this creature from anybody at home - just at this website. (I saw it before I saw the website) Anyway it is creepy to think that the two could possibly be related.

dooh dooh dooh dooh---dooh dooh dooh dooh

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