Sunday, March 15, 2009

I fed a deer a hotdog

I fed a deer a hotdog today. Actually I fed her 2 hotdogs - one with chili and one with chili and slaw. Of course I hesitated before I did it because:

1. I was afraid that it would hurt her

2. deer don't eat meat (WRONG !)

3. they were my last 2 hotdogs from Mecca and I won't be going back to Logan for awhile.

I went to the park because it was my last tank of free gas and I have a lifetime of happy memories at that park. I was driving around when I saw the deer and I went by because I didn't want to disturb her. As I was driving past her again I decided to pull over because I know alot of the deer in Chief Logan State Park are quite tame. It was obvious that me pulling over did not bother her in the least, so I rolled down my window.

She started sniffing the air immediately and made her way to my car. I looked around for something to feed her but the only thing I had were my last 2 Mecca hotdogs. It was obvious that she wanted something to eat so I pinched off the end of one of the buns and reached out to her. She took it right out of my hand. I unwrapped the rest of the hotdog, held it out; she grabbed it and wolfed it down. I figured the damage was done so I gave her the last slaw dog. It was quite comical to see her scarf it down like some man inhaling his food after the big game.She wanted more but that's all I had, so I sat and watched her graze for awhile and I left for home.

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