Monday, March 16, 2009

He Got Stitches

This is my brother, Billy. This is about the age he was when I pushed him off the tricycle in the backyard. He hit his head on a manhole cover. I was begging him not to tell on me until I noticed he was covered with blood and then I ran screaming to MOMMY! He got stitches.

A few weeks later my mom was in the kitchen. She looked up just in time to see Billy running toward the house. She thought, "surely he'll stop." He didn't stop. He ran straight through the storm door (glass) and landed at her feet. He got stitches.

Soon after getting those stitches out we were running and playing in the house. Billy ran into the corner of the bed. He got stitches.

A few years later Billy was coming home from the store carrying a carton of Pepsi. (glass bottles) He dropped them. They broke. He got stitches.

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Punguin said...

Holy moly! He attracts surgery.