Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Got Pulled Over

I was pulled over the other day. Nothing about it made sense. I was completely surprised when I saw the lights in my rearview mirror. I pulled over immediately and was cussing myself the whole time the officer was walking to my truck. He stayed so far back that I could barely see his face and he asked for my license and registration. I asked him what in the world had I done and he told me that I had run a stop sign. That a stop sign meant stop, not just barrel through it like it wasn't there. I told him I had not seen a stop sign and it was the first time that I had driven on that street. ( Which was the truth by the way)

I handed him my registration and he asked where I lived. I told him the street but I couldn't remember my address because I was pannicked. By this time there was another police car there. I have never been stopped with 2 cars before. After making sure about my address he told me that I could go. I said "huh". He said again that it was OK for me to go. I was completely relieved but I didn't understand because he didn't look at my license or insurance or run a computer check and I didn't even have my seatbelt on!

I apologized profusely for running a stop sign and I thanked God that I didn't get a ticket. Still the whole stop did not make sense - until I watched the news that night. There was a story about an old woman getting attacked in the Kroger Parking Lot and fighting off the assailant. The people in the partking lot started to blow their car horns which also helped to scare off the attacker. The attacker was a woman with long blonde hair. I have blonde hair that I was wearing in a ponytail and I was on my way back from Foodland with the back of my truck full of groceries. I guess he knew it wasn't me because I am disabled and my registration says so and I had an oxygen tank up front with me as well as 3 more in the back of my truck.

I had to go home and rest because any time that I get stressed like that my heart acts up and I get weak and sick and nauseous. Even if I don't think the stress is that bad it happens. Who knows one of these days a simple traffic stop might just kill me.

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