Sunday, March 15, 2009

In the Midst of all that Cheer

actually went:

1. I had a heart test called a TEE. They take a camera and shove it down your throat without benefit of anesthesia. I will never have it again and I fully intend to fire my doctor for such a barbaric procedure (I was told I would be under anesthesia). Anyway the right side of my heart is getting bigger which accounts for the fact that I am getting weaker.

2. My nephew stood me up for the Christmas Evening that I had planned for us, and then callously told me it was my fault (while begging me not to be mad)

3. The gossip about my Niece leaving her child to be raised by her significant other's mother is true. The good thing is that she acknowledges that Kendall is better off and so does the evidence otherwise.

4. On the day that I won the gasoline. I was accosted by a man when I was going from my car to my house. I was loud enough and forceful enough that thankfully a male neighbor heard what was going on and interceded. I was about one decibil from bloodcurdling screams and I was ready to jerk a wiseman out of the ground and start wailing on the man's head when my hero intervened. I was not harmed but it scared me terribly. (maybe that is why I have been on so much oxygen this week!)

5. 80% of the time when you wish someone a "Merry Christmas" you get a speech about how you aren't supposed to wish anybody a "Merry Christmas" anymore. The people who like it rant the most making it a highly unpleasant experience. I had to take a break several times from my well intentioned wishes!

6. I spent Christmas Day with my Mom. She was in a bad mood from the time I hit the door and did not miss a chance to criticize me.

On the plus side I will remember this Christmas as the one that I won free gas and I spent it with family. I discovered the movie "Life is Beautiful". It reminds me of my life with my ex right up until they leave for the concentration camp. I fully intend to buy a copy!

I can't wait to do it again next year.

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