Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tribute to my Aunt Robin

I used to idolize my Aunt Robin. She is my youngest aunt and she is only a year older than me. I wanted to be just like her. I was always thrilled when I was allowed to spend the night at her house. (My Granny Brennan's house) She was the youngest of my dad's brothers and sisters. As such she received all the tortures of the youngest child which she would promptly execute on me. I received so many whippings trying to do the same stuff to my brother and sister that the torture usually ended with me. She told the greatest scary stories of anybody that I ever met. Some of her jokes are still with me too.
note to Robin: remember the abortion song! I do.
The best times were spent on the flat. The flat was up the mountain behind the house and my aunts and uncles had spent alot of time organizing different areas for different things. There was a picnic area with a table and chairs made out of flat stones that resembled something out of the Flintstones. There was a separate area for pounding nuts. There was a jail (seems like I was in jail alot for some reason.) The best thing about the flat was the log.
The log was a giant fallen tree. We would play games on the log all day long, swinging from vines and climbing the smaller trees around it. When necessary the girls would use the bathroom at one end and the boys would use the other end. (It was a kid thing) We played school there and the greatest picnics in the world were held on that log. It was great fun.
My aunt was not pleased with her tribute. She says she hopes she wasn't such a horrible aunt. Why can't people accept that most of us weren't angels when we were young - myself included

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