Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pure Blind Terror

In West Virginia for a few years haunted trails were a big thing to do at halloween. One year I met my sister-in-law with my niese and nephew for a walk on a haunted trail. It was full of pretty standard halloween monsters and gore which my obnoxious neice (she was 13 at the time) pretty much spoiled for the rest of the group with her teenage mouth. The absolute biggest scare (and the only surprise) came at the very end of the trail. We came upon an accident scene complete with wrecked cars and strewn bodies everywhere.

As we were standing there looking at the carnage all of the sudden at the exact same time all of dead bodies leaped up and starting running toward us and chasing anybody that ran. It even scared my loud mouthed niece! My poor nephew (8 years old) started running. The problem was when he turned to run, he ran straight into me. He was not aware that he ran into me. I could feel his little arms pumping as he continued to run not realizing that he wasn't going anywhere. He was just running into me. It was a good thing the it was me because if I had been a tree he would have probably been knocked out he hit me so hard. I had to pick him up and carry him a little bit because he was in a mindless state of pure blind terror. It was hilarious.

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