Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pammy was a stray

Among the stranger gifts that I have with animals is my ability to find a lost pet. Out of over 100 that I have had to look for (for myself and others) I have only not been able to find 2 dogs. Cats are a little harder because tomcats don't want to be found usually. Anyway I went by my brother's house one day and Lisa told me that she had seen the sweetest dog in town and she wished that she had brought it home. She told me that she was tempted to have me go get it for her. I had been campaigning for years to get my niece and nephew a pet, and I told her that if she really wanted that dog all she had to do was ask. She said she did and bet me that I couldn't find it anyway.

She said it was a little cocker spaniel looking dog with reddish fur. She thought it was weird that it also had a blue tongue. Not a problem I told her, so I drove to Logan to get the dog. I went to the part of town where she had seen the dog and I didn't see her, so I expanded my search. I had been driving about 1/2 an hour when I saw a woman and a dog in their front yard. I knew immediately it was the dog, but I almost went on by because the dog was obviously so loveable. (It was lying on its back while the lady petted it with her foot.)

I thought to myself, "What the hell, it can't hurt to ask." (I was happy that my niece and nephew were going to get a dog if things worked out.) I rolled down the window and I asked the woman if that was her dog. She said no. She told me that the dog had been hanging around for 3 or 4 days and she didn't have the heart to call the pound. I told her that the dog wasn't mine, but that I had a very good home for it if she would let me take her. She agreed.

I took the dog back to my brother's house and he answered the door. Lisa was not home. I told him I had his dog. He said, "What dog? You can't leave one of your strays here, Lisa will kill you." I pointed out to him that I had had plenty of chances to drop a stray on them and that this was indeed a dog that Lisa wanted. That she had sent me for the dog. He knew then that I wasn't lying.

The smile that broke out on his face was like sunshine. He said, "You mean she said we could really have a dog?" "Yep", I said , "she's yours." He went in the house and got some bologna and started to throw her slices of it. (a tradition from our own childhood years)

He said, "I'm gonna name her Pammy."

I said, "Pammy, what for?"

He said, "Aw, she's a good dog, she's just fallen on some hard times, but I know she's going to be alright."

And She Was.


Punguin said...

Hi, Pamn. Here's another alternative to 360. There are many places to blog, I've discovered. I really prefer 360 but they just won't fix the glitches and I need to accept that fact!

By the way, do you use Firefox? It's usually much faster than Internet Explorer and it easy to download and install. It's free. Just keep both browsers on your PC because some sites require IE.

Hope you're well.



Punguin said...

You really do have a way with dogs, eh?

Punguin said...

Glad to hear you have a svelte feline.