Monday, March 31, 2014

Good News and Bad News Today - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Good News and Bad News Today - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

The emergency beacon is on at the state capitol building.

News:  someone knocked on my door to give me water but I declined
because I have access to good water and others in the building don't
have access.

I will be going to family later today to get good water and brush my teeth and such.

I will also be picking up water for anyone who leaves a jug in the back of my truck.

The panic seems to be over and people are helping each other for the most part.

was wondering why I was feeling so nauseus this morning and I was
thinking it could be the water because I drank it all day yesterday. 
Then I realized my oxygen was off.  Problem solved. {#cheerleader.gif} I'm feeling better now.

News:  The water company has said we can use the water for flushing our
toilets.  I was told to stock up water because they are shutting down
all water into our building.  So we have a high rise full of people who
can't flush the toilet.

So now my tub is full of water, so are the
sinks, buckets and trash cans so I can flush the toilet and I had to
fix it all so the cat can't get into it.

More good news:
it was just a nasty rumor that they were shutting off water to our
building.  So we can flush the toilets.  I called central maintenance
and they said they knew nothing about it.  I have done my best not to
spread rumors but there's a lot of stuff flying around right now.

Consequences:  All elective surgery and appointments are cancelled at
the local hospitals.  They have taken a tanker truck full of water to
the hospitals.  There are 12 tanker trucks available.  There are 4
hospitals affected.  They are not relocating patients at this time.

animal shelter can't water the animals or clean after them.  They need
water donations and people to foster the animals more then ever.

from Yeager Airport have been delayes because flight crews can't shower
and it is a union rule that they have to shower before they go..or
something like that....

Price gouging is rampant and will be prosecuted for all the good it will do.

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