Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Today is one of the top 4 days for heart patients to go into the hospital - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Today is one of the top 4 days for heart patients to go into the hospital - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

The days after Christmas and the Days after Thanksgiving are the
busiest days of the year for the Cardiac Wards of hospitals.  It's not
hard to figure out why.  I do the same thing every holiday and I swear I
won't do it again and then the next holiday rolls around and I am in
misery all over again.

It's the food we eat.  I stick to my no
salt, healty food diet most of the time throughout the year.  I cheat
but it's a little one meal cheat and then I'm back on the wagon again. 
Not for Christmas though and Not for Thanksgiving.  It is a days long
festival of food!  People invite me over and they want me to eat the
delicious foods they have and I happily oblige...all the while telling
myself it will be the last time for THIS particular holiday.  Then
someone else invites me to their house and so on and so on....

cumulative effect of all that salt and fat and overload of simple carbs
is just too much for a heart patients body to handle.  I love the
turkeys and hams and mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.  But even the
vegetables that we fix are "dressed up" so that there is NOTHING HEALTHY
ABOUT THEM ANY MORE.  And add to that the desserts that I NEVER eat and
it is a recipe for disaster.

I might as well just drive myself
from the dinner table to the hospital.  At least that would be the case
if I didn't already have all this medical stuff around me.  So right now
I am kicking myself while I can't breathe and taking it easy because of
chest pain and starting back on my healthy lifestyle that I SHOULD

My nephew was surprised
when I told him to take the rest of the ham with him (there was at least
half a ham left) and I had even shared some with other residents of the
building.  I also had him take all those delectable little desserts as


if you have any friends or family that are heart over
them for the next few days.  They probably need it.  (don't worry about
me - I'm an old hand at this crap)

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