Monday, March 31, 2014

My Quest for Water Has Been Successful Today... - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

My Quest for Water Has Been Successful Today... - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

...also they have begun flushing the water lines which is a good
sign.  They have to flush all the contaminated water out of the system
with clean water.  So I guess that means that the chemical involved has
dropped to "acceptable" levels.  They have told us what is acceptable
but it's all gobbledygook...they also tell you they don't know what
acceptable levels are.  But flushing the lines SEEMS like progress

I woke up this morning to find out on facebook that they
were giving distilled water out at the fires station across the street. 
I have to have distilled water for my oxygen and bi-pap machines.  So I
schlepped my hiner over there.  Thankfully they had a drive through
line set up and they put the water in the back of my truck. I also got 2
cases of bottled water and 4 cases of energy drink.  If I would have
been a half hour later I would have been too late for the distilled

I am cooking my first hot meal since this started.  I got a
roast with potatoes, celery and carrots in the oven.  It takes more
water to wash your hands than you think it does.  Then after you handle
the meat you have to wash your hands again.  Then the vegetables have to
be washed.  Also I used water as a base for broth because if I use can
broth it is full of salt and I am already having problems from too much
salt over the past few days even though I have done my best to avoid
it.  (even low sodium broth has too much salt for me)

I'm starting to reek of eau de Pam and I'm not liking it {#crosseyed.gif}   A proper shower would be most welcome.  I can go back to my cousin's house but I'm trying to stick it out.

has been an invaluable tool during this emergency.  I don't know about
most people but most of my friends are people that I actually know
around me and family.  So there are plenty of posts about distribution
sites and up to the date information that we need to know.

there have been many great facebook cartoons about the situation and
"LOOK OUT WORLD"  I have learned to make my own meme's.

There will be an official press conference at 4 pm today.  So lets pray for progress.

wondering if the EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM is outdated.  They didn't
even activate it for this emergency.  It was "breaking news" everywhere
and social media exploded with in minutes - as did the temporary
"rioting".  There were 29 fights reported over water and I am sure there
were plenty that weren't reported as well.  Over 100 people went to the
hospital with symptoms.  Only 6 were hospitalized for observation.

also did a regularly scheduled test of the EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM
about 6 hours after all this started.  I found that amusing. {#happy2.gif}

Me...I'm fine. {#giveflowers.gif}

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