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Every 5 Years 2013 version - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Every 5 Years 2013 version - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Here's what I was doing every 5 years of my life. {#airborne.gif}

2013 - steadily weakening healthwise

- moved into Lee Terrace.  I didn't want to but I had to because of my
health.  One more step in giving up control of my life because of my
heart failure


- taking care of my dad in Huntington, WV.  This is when my weight
started to skyrocket out of control.  I had always be heavy but I was
healthy.  When I took daddy home he wouldn't eat. I would fix his
favorite foods and make an appetizing tray and when he would refuse to
eat I would sit down in front of him and make a great show of enjoying a
most delectable meal.  Most of the time he would break down and say, "I
think I'll have a little of that."  I managed to put 50 pounds back on
him.  Unfortunately I also managed to put 50 on myself.

- Divorce, living on my 100 acres working on building my greyhound
farm.  I just noticed that these greyhounds are the same ones pictured
in the puppy picture.  Baby Greyhound, Queenie (mother), Droid, Preety
and Mrs. Esterhaus. (Mrs. Esterhaus was not in the puppy picture.)

- raising my first litter of greyhound puppies.  3 years into my 5 year
plan for financial success.  things were going great


- started in Greyhound Business.  My intention was to get in and do an
animal rights expose but I was surprised to find that I loved it and I
could do more good from the "inside".

1983 - First
married New Years.  Working part time at P.R.I.D.E in Logan County, Inc
and working the other 16 hours per week as community service for them
because of trouble with the law I got into the year before.

- 10th. grade Logan High School.  I was a bookworm.  I ran around with a
group of girls we called "the gang" in front of our parents but in
private we referred to ourselves as "the slut club".  We couldn't have
been further from it but it was our way of rebelling.

- 5th. grade, Justice Grade School. Mrs. Ferrell.  I was a bookworm. 
This was the year we moved into our new house that my parents had just
finished building.  We spent our recesses playing Rock 'em, Sock 'em
Robots and Battling Tops when it rained.  That was the year the last
Prisoner of War came home from Vietnam.  We made POS signs (Prisoner's
of School). The teacher made us take them down.

- 1st. grade, Justice Grade School.  Mrs. Stollings was my teacher.  I
loved books even as a small child.  My mom says I had my own rocking
chair with a magazine rack full of books beside it.  We were allowed to
have one toy when we went to the store and I always chose a book.  But
apparently I was not aware that I could read.  I remember sitting in the
reading circle for the first time at school as each child read a
passage from our readers.  I was sitting there thinking I didn't know
what to do but when my turn came I read my passage just fine.  I was so
proud of myself.

1963 - I was in my crib - My first birthday.

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