Monday, March 31, 2014

You cannot use boullion cubes - they are
nothing but little salt blocks.  However they do make low sodium
versions (that still have too much salt for me).  There is also
something called soup base.  You still have to read the lable with soup
base but that is where the truely low sodium flavor is.  Currently I am
using a brand from Orrington Farms that has 45 mg. per teaspoon.  One
teaspoon is equal to one cube.  A cube of boullion can have anywhere
from 900 to 1200 mg. of sodium in it.  That's why I call them little
salt blocks.  Basically that is all they are.  You can get soup base in
both chicken and beef flavors.

There are low sodium broths but
they have too much salt for me as well.  Most of them cut the sodium
from 1/2 to a 1/3.  So they have 440 mg. per serving and there is
usually 4 servings in a box.  This is compared to 880 mg. per serving in
a regular box.

I make a really good low sodium tomato soup.  I
pour low sodium tomato juice in a bowl.  Then I use one drop of lemon
juice, a couple of tablespoons of sugar and a tiny splash of apple cider
vinegar.  I microwave it until hot and add a dash of pepper.  It is as
good as Campbells as far as I'm concerned.

They do make low sodium
soup but most of them have 440 mg. of sodium (that seems to be a
popular measurement with low sodium companies).  That is too much for me
to eat because most cans have 2 or 2.5 servings.

You can buy no salt topped crackers.  They are ok if you put them in soup or meatloaf or something.

are good versions of marinara sauce out there too.  Prego Heart Healthy
version  has something like 220 mg. per serving.  That's too high for
me but better than the others that have anywhere from 600 mg. to 1200
mg. per serving.  But if you check the lesser known brands (such as
Oliverio) it has 25 mg. of sodium per serving.  There are others but I
don't know the name of them - again, check the lable.  There are some
pleasant surprises.

I love my low sodium spaghetti sauce so I don't use the store bought versions to often but they are great in a pinch.

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