Monday, March 31, 2014

We STILL can't drink the water in Charleston, WV

OUR GOVERNMENT IS INSISTING THE WATER IS FINE (Governor, National Guard, FEMA,EPA, DEP) - BUT NOT THE HEAD OF OUR LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT! Many people are still getting water like this out of their taps over 2 weeks after the MCHM spill. The problem is wide spread - not in any one area. I will say that my water looks fine and mostly does not have any odor any longer but it will be fine a couple of days and then the licorice smell comes back. It did look like that for about an hour when I first started flushing it. They told us to flush hot water for 15 minutes. Cold for 5 minutes and outside taps for 15 minutes. I flushed over 2 hours before the orange sediment went away. Today 3 of the local schools tested HIGH for MCHM out of their faucets. That is part of the problem. The government is testing from fire hydrants - not from residential faucets or from businesses. Please Keep Sharing this petition. It is up to almost 10,000 signatures now. 4,000 have been added in the last 2 days. It needs 100,000 to get results. You can copy and paste the following address: It's purpose is to investigate the mismanagement of the WV water disaster by the state and county officials as well as get some help.

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