Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yes God, I Noticed....AGAIN - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Yes God, I Noticed....AGAIN - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Once again you have provided for my needs.  I never have too much but I always have just enough.

time my microwave went on the fritz.  I don't have money for a new least I didn't have money for a new one.  Now I do, courtesy
of a cousin I have seen less than a handful of times in my life.  But
she reached out to me this year on facebook.  She reached out at a time I
was feeling particularly low about my illness and my lack of ability to
fix it.

She helped me realize that even though my life choices
may have contributed to it that I was dealing with what I had to the
best of my ability.  Like most people I may have made some unhealthy
choices but I also made healthy choices and getting sick was not some
sort of revenge for all the wrongs of my life.  It's a medical condition
- pure and simple.

She also let me know that even though I had
only run into her those few times in our childhood I had left an
impression on her.  An impression that several others have told me I
have left on them.  That I was kind and helpful and made people want to
be a better person (although I sure don't see myself that way)

I am in the habit of letting people know when they have had a positive
effect on me and I had already let her know how our conversation lifted
my spirits...even though she had no memory of the conversation.  That's
the way it works sometimes.  It only takes one small word to make
someone else's day...a word so small that we didn't realize we said it. 
That's what happened here.

So I got a handful of late Christmas
Cards yesterday.  (our mailman likes to skip our building when he is
super busy - something he denies but I have observed it more than once
over the years I've been here)  I was feeling fine from all the people
who thought enough of me to send a card (even though I don't send them)
and lo and behold I opened the one from my cousin and a check fell out. 
A check for just enough that I can go get a small microwave.

is a relief.  I use my microwave a lot.  I prepare most of my healthy
meals in bulk and freeze them in single servings.  It has saved me many a
time when I am too sick to cook.  Plus it saves me a lot of money
because I rarely throw food away.  I don't understand that survey that
says the average family throws away over $500 worth of food a year.  Not
me.  I will eat things I don't like so they don't go to waste...that's
money in my pocket afterall.

So, thank you Cuz for thinking of
me.  And Thank you God for providing for me....yet again.  I know money
doesn't grow on trees but it does seem like it falls out of the sky
every now and then. {#sparkle.gif}

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