Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Cavalry Has Arrived - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

The Cavalry Has Arrived - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

In the form of my nephew, Arny.{#group_hug.gif}

Once again we are having an inspection and once again, despite my best efforts, my apartment is not up to snuff {#pondering.gif} .  So Arny has come to clean and then I will just have to maintain it until the inspection...and beyond if possible.

is his Christmas present to me...although he did give me a cute little
bear figurine to put on my shelf.  When I asked him what possessed him
to get that for me he said, "because you and Uncle ED (his pet name for
Eddie) go fishin'".  Makes sense to me. {#floating.gif}

I was thanking him last night because there is really no requirement
for him to clean for me other than the fact that I am his auntie and he
loves me.  I had planned to take us to a nice dinner today and/or cook
his favorite stuffed peppers but it is zero degrees outside and I'm not
going out - extreme weather plays havoc with my breathing.

But he
knows I'm good for it and I will treat us another time or I told him he
is welcome to take my card and get something and bring it back for us. 
He's not worried about it though.

I should be able to maintain
the apartment a little better this time.  I am stronger than I was the
last time he left.  Also the meds the doctor started me on back at the
first of December are continuing to work and I am working everyday on
getting stronger again.  Once again I am able to go every day until I
get tired.  Which means I should be getting a little stronger every
day.  Back in November I was getting weak again because I couldn't
breathe well enough to walk across the room - much less get tired.

still wear oxygen much of the time but I am going longer and longer
periods without it.  Also I have broke myself of using the bi-pap in the
daytime (if I don't need a nap)

So by the end of the day I should have an inspection ready apartment.  Except for the oven - he can't seem to master that. {#flag.gif}
  But I have a girl coming tomorrow to clean it.  I can't do it because
I can't breathe the fumes -even the fumes free kind.  Arny looked at
the refrigerator I cleaned last night.  He said it looked like a blind
woman cleaned it....anyway it's cleaner than it was.

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