Monday, March 31, 2014

There's Been Another Spill into the Water in Charleston, WV Again

It's been a month since the spill at Freedom Industries in Charleston, WV. Today there was another spill about 30 miles away. The pipe broke at a Slurry Pond at a Coal Mine in Southern Kanawha County. Yes, it contains MCHM. It is also the gooey, quicksand like muck that is supposed to stay in the containment ponds at coal mines. But spills are not uncommon. This muck will coat the aquatic life like paint and they will die...heck, they are already dead. It has been about 12 hours since the spill. I have pictures for you. People are in a semi panic about it but it won't affect the Elk River which is where the intake is for our drinking water. Also they found elevated MCHM levels at another school in Malden today. Malden is about 5 miles south of the new spill (as the crow flies). The elevated MCHM at Malden would be from the spill a month ago...not the new one as it is upriver from the new spill. One photo shows what the creek looks like. That creek runs into the Kanawha River. It is thick and gooey. Our parents used to keep us from playing in it by telling us it is like quicksand...and it is, that's no lie. This creek is usually about a foot deep and about 10 foot across. The other is of 2 jars that somebody went and pulled out of the creek. Once again our local politicians have come out exclaiming outrage at the coal mines delay in reporting the spill...sound familiar to you guys yet?

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