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2013 - what a year for me.... - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

2013 - what a year for me.... - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

...Usually one of my favorite posts of the year is where I recount
my exploits of the previous know - the highlights.

This year?  Not so much.{#lam.gif}

may go down in my life as the most uneventful year of my life.  I'm
hard pressed to find 10 events - good or bad that happened in 2013.  So,
I warn you...for the most part this list will be dull and depressing
but I still consider it a good year.


Because of the
feelings of acceptance and contentment I feel about my life.  Maybe that
is an accomplishment in itself.  Then again, maybe it is the sign of
the greatest defeat of my life.  I have always had goals.  Always had
dreams and always looking forward to the next big thing in my life and
trying to improve.

Not this year.

Pretty much my only goal
has been to keep breathing.  After my gall bladder surgery I was
optimistic that maybe I was going to get better by leaps and bounds and
live a normal life again.  Instead I'm on the verge of that last big
step of giving up - at least for me.

This may sound stupid but I'm on the verge of getting cable.{#embarassed.gif}

why is this giving up.  Because I have rarely had cable in my life.  I
have always been so busy living my life that I really didn't have time
for television.  Don't get me wrong. I've watched plenty of it.  But
I've done it in spits and spurts and never watched too many shows on a
regular basis because I was so busy living my life - other than my soap
that is.  (One Life to Live and they took it off a couple of years ago)

I have reached a point where everytime I go out to do anything it is a
struggle.  Exercise for me is staying in the house and trying to keep it
clean.  I rarely walk around the grounds of our building any longer
because it is so hard and if I do then I am too tired to do my daily
chores and I fall hopelessly behind.

So, I clean a little, I watch
a little tv, I blog a little and I play Words with Friends a lot. 
Mental exercise is as important as physical exercise.  I rarely comment
on blogs anymore.  It's just too hard.  Most times what I would say has
already been said.  That's why I like the visitors list on this blog. 
That way my friends at least know I stopped by, even when I don't

1.  Our building was evacuated because of carbon monoxide.  The effects of it stayed with me for weeks.

2. Somewhere around last April I gained 40 pounds in just a couple of weeks.  That was the last time I felt "normal."

My nephew and I renewed our relationship.  I had not seen him in a few
years because he was at that age where he was out sowing his wild oats.

4.  Emergency Surgery for a gangrenous gall bladder.

5.  My nephew moves in to take care of me so I don't have to go into a nursing home.

WAKASU -my nephew saves several people from a crazed intruder in the
building.  He earns the respect of all in the building and the title of
WAKASU (supposedly means warrior in "Indian" but I can't find any
mention of it anywhere){#goldcup.gif}

There was a trade off in my life.  My mom had always made me choose
between her and all the other members of my family.  So, I always rarely
saw them because I wanted a relationship with her.  Now that she has
disowned me as well, other family members are stepping up to help me
with my illness like no one (including her) ever did before.  As they
say, "there is a silver lining to every cloud."  Now don't get me
wrong.  I love my mom and I always will but her severing the ties of our
lives has actually been good for me.

8.  I also renewed contact with my niece - even though she lives in Florida.  We have some wonderful conversations via facebook.

9.  facebook has replaced "gas" in my life.  I visit there instead of getting in my truck and going to someone's house.

The more things change the more they remain the same.  I rang in the
new year sitting in my truck having a picnic with myself- eating chinese
and listening to 80's rock on the radio. {#guitarplay3.gif}
  whilst doing a little "river watching."  Now before you ask, "What is
river watching?"  I have always found it relaxing to sit and watch the
river pass by...and whatever may be floating along.

11.  I stopped sneaking the occasional "toke on a joint". (birthday and New Years)

I can't breathe as it is.  Sure can't add that to the mix.

12.  I got Pudgy

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