Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I got 99 problems....or do I? - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

I got 99 problems....or do I? - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

1.  I would love to know what that popping noise is outside my
window - I live on the 8th. floor and I have heard it about 6 times in
the past day.  Maybe the cold is doing something to the metal on the air

2. heart

3. lungs

4.  fat

5.  pepsi addiction - got a handle on that right now but it is a lifelong battle

6.  post Christmas slump

7.  I'm poor - but I have everything I need

I have to figure out what I'm going to do about internet this month. My
2 year contract with ntelos runs out and I want to switch to an
unlimitied data plan - suddenlink?


Blogster is boring me to death lately.  If you want anybody to read
your posts you have to post something negative about blogster.

11.  I am slowly withdrawing from the world and the people in it.

12.  should I get cable?  it will cut into my gas money, but I don't go anywhere anymore anyway.

13.  I'm gonna have to switch pharmacies.  I hate to do it but sometimes change is best

14.  I resolve to wash clothes today

15.  I hate it when people put a pen back that doesn't work - THROW THE DAMN THING AWAY

16.  I hate it when the adding machine tape rolls back into the machine.

17.  Eddie

18.  I need to take my tree down but I really don't want to. I like it.

19.  I want a job

20.  I want to travel

21.  I want...

22.  I need to be nicer.  It's too easy for me to be my grouchy self.

23.  I need breakfast (solved that one)

24.  need an oil change

25.  tired of reading that post "these are my rules"...everybody's rules are pretty much the same.

I need to get around and read more of my friends blogs...most of my
circle does not participate in the petty warfare around here{#goldcup.gif}

If you unfriend me, don't send me another friend invitation.  You
unfriended me for a reason and I can live with that.  Different people
need different things from friends.

28.  for that matter, it doesn't really matter if someone is your friend.  you can interact anyway.

29.  Would winning the lottery solve all my problems?  {#no_flash.gif}

30.  gonna be hard pressed to finish this list.

I need new Crocs.  All my old ones are pretty worn but I wear such a
large size that they are hard to find - especially pretty ones

32.  I need some new recipes.  I'm stuck in the same old rut.

33.  I need to get back on track with my salads - burnt out on them too.

34.  It's perfect flu weather.  50 one day 0 the next and then 50 again...

35.  remember to tell my doctor I need a suction thingy - I've used enough tissue lately to kill half a forest.

36.  down to my last oxygen tank

I can't figure out how in the world to use the new breathing treatment
apparatus they gave me.  I have to get them to show me I guess. (been
using the old one)

38.  I would love to be on someone's pedestal again -yes, I spent years on one and it was nice.

I would love for the morning news to actually tell us the news - you
get about 15 minutes of news and an hour and a half of entertainment and
arts and crafts.

40.  why are commercials on every station at the same time?

41.  why are they still turning the volume up on commercials?  Didn't they make that illegal last year.

just saw a man who was afloat at sea for 2 days - and he couldn't
swim.  Makes my list look trivial but I already knew that.

43.  adopt a pet from your local animal shelter (or anywhere you find one)

44.  too much time on my hands.

45.  need a productive outlet

46.  halfway there {#dancing6.gif}

47.  currently getting stronger so I don't have to whine about that

time to open a new bank account so they will give me a  $100 - loyalty
to a bank or insurance company gets you nothing these days

49.  I
hope I got my A1C under control.  I know I made some moves in the right
direction but it was Christmas and Thanksgiving afterall.  The doctor
has threatened to put me on even more meds if I didn't.

50.  Pudgy is a mental case.  He keeps licking bald patches on himself.

51.  getting pretty good at timing my activities with good weather - I have to, I can't breathe in extreme temperatures

52.  I wish I were allowed to have more pets

53.  bored with this...outta here{#arrow_go.gif}

I'm sick to death of people posting stuff as factual when it obviously
isn't.  It's one thing to post jokes that are outrageous but blindly
posting stuff because you got it somewhere reliable (a friend) just
dosn't cut it.

55.  people keep posting old "lost notices" and
amber alerts on facebook.  everytime you post one that has been solved
that takes up space for one that is current.

56.  By far the
hardest thing I do is laundry.  I have to do it at the machine's pace. 
Everything else I can do at my pace which is slower than a herd of
turtles I've been told.{#grr.gif}   But if that is my biggest problem then life is good.

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