Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Christmas 2013 was Good - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

Christmas 2013 was Good - damnpamn's Blog - Blogster

As I suspected most of my Christmas came early.  I ended up
celebrating Christmas Eve with my nephew.  Dinner was a little rushed -
not because he came a day early but because I thought Christmas was
going to be today (Thursday) instead of Wednesday (yesterday).  I
didn't  realize my mistake until Sunday which anyone who has ever
planned a Christmas will tell you -  Christmas a day early means a lot
os little things get lost by the wayside.

But it  was all good
because I don't sweat the small stuff.  We had a glorious Christmas
Dinner on Christmas Eve - ham and all the trimmings.  Now I'm on salt
overload and I'll pay the price for at least a week but it was so worth
it.  My nephew is leaving this morning and I told him to take the rest
of the ham with him so I will stay out of trouble.  He is happy to

I had many unexpected gifts.  The last of which was a
wonderful homemade candy sampler made by a friend.  She had posted on
facebook that she was making homemade chocolate covered cherries.  I
have never heard of homemade chocolate covered cherries and asked for
the recipe.  The next thing I knew she was gifting me with not only the
chocolate covered cherries which she said was her mother's recipe and
she never gives it out.  But also buckeyes, 7 layer cookies, haystacks
and 2 kinds of fudge.  It was a wonderous selection of goodies and I 
would much rather have had the candy than the recipe anyways. {#yummy.gif}

gave away most of it though because I'm supposed to be watching my
sugar - but I kept all the homemade chocolate covered cherries. {#embarassed.gif}

only dark spot was that my niece in Florida did not get her present in
the mail that should have been there last Thursday.  We thought for
awhile that my grand niece didn't get hers as well but it turns out that
was a misunderstanding and she did get it.  She is 7 so that one was
more important anyway.  She spoke to me on the phone for about 30
seconds Christmas morning but she was much too busy to fool with an
auntie she has never met in person to talk on Christmas morning.  So, it
was all good. {#guitarplay3.gif}

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